Five years on, Metal Gear Solid 5’s secret nuclear disarmament cutscene has finally been unlocked

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain’s nuclear disarmament cutscene has finally been unlocked – legitimately this time, it seems – after five years.

Half a decade on, fans seem to achieved a global tally of zero nukes on the game’s PlayStation 3 version – which unlocks the hidden cutscene showing a celebration attended by Snake and his pals.

Of course, this cutscene has been seen before. It was found hidden in the game around the time of its release, and actually got unlocked by accident in February 2018 on PC, prompting an apology by publisher Konami and a pledge to investigate.

Exactly why that happened was never officially revealed, though it appeared as if an enterprising fan had tricked Konami’s servers into thinking the PC nuke count was zero.

Konami originally set the nuclear disarmament challenge live in November 2015, when it detailed the conditions necessary. A concerted effort on most platforms then followed to reduce the number of nukes worldwide – but complete disarmament was never achieved.

So, what’s next then? World peace for more platforms? Well, it’s not all good news. Despite hitting a global total of zero nukes on PS3 a few days ago, stat tracker MGS5 Nuke Watcher states that number has now risen again to 45. The fight for peace is never over.