Woman slams claims her hotel is a ‘brothel’ after sign out front sparks backlash

The owner of Sydney House in Plymouth recently decided to make some changes to the business.

The most noticeable change Lyn Dew made to the hotel was the addition of a new sign out front.

Featuring the silhouette of a woman, the sign lights up in neon at night and is hot pink.

A number of locals in the area liked the revamp, but there have been some who were left confused by the sign.

A few people took to social media to slam it as “inappropriate”, with others going as far as to claim it makes the hotel look like a “brothel”.

Dew has hit back at these comments, telling people to “grow up”, reports Plymouth Live.

The hotel owner says the figure on the sign is intended as a representation of herself.

She explained: “I thought, I’ll put a silhouette of me, and my parents always dressed me in pink, my favourite colour, so I put my childhood in the back, and I’ll put LGBTQ+ friendly.”

“That’s all.”

“I put this sign outside my hotel because I wanted me to be represented as part of the people of colour community,” she elaborated.

“This has been a hotel since its inception.

“The image is me, it’s my body. There is no bra on there, there’s no bikini on there, just a stylish pose.

“That’s me. I’m always a stylish woman and proud of it.”

The sign has sparked so much backlash, Dew says she’s been visited by police as claims had been made that guests of “ill repute” had been staying at Sydney House.

Dew refutes the claims, stating that not only is her hotel comprised of family rooms, but she always personally vets anyone that visits.

“I always interview them on the phone – what purpose, where have you come from?

“If they give me the right reasons then I get them in here to see them physically. If I don’t like what I see I tell them I won’t be having them. I’m very selective.”

The hotelier added that she has since sought legal advice and will not be taking the sign down.

“I feel this has got to end. This is my creation and my ethos as a business woman and a woman of colour. Why shouldn’t I be proud of my sign?”