Mum hits back after being shamed by TV presenter over her appearance

A woman named Jessica Sewell recently appeared on television to discuss an amusing prank her ex-boyfriend had played on her.

The single mum-of-three, from Cairns, hit headlines after her ex used her phone number to advertise a ‘Chewbacca roar contest’ and she was bombarded with calls from people impersonating the Star Wars character and hoping to win money.

Jessica, who is missing some of her front teeth, spoke about the prank on news channel TNNZ, but when the segment aired on the Breakfast show, presenter Wilson Longhurst was heard shaming her appearance, saying: “What a prize Jessica is.”

The 29-year-old has since responded to the “nasty” comment, explaining the real reason for her missing teeth.

Speaking to Jessica told how her family in New Zealand had informed her that there had been some “very nasty comments and things said”.

She revealed that her teeth had been knocked out in a domestic violence incident – not related to the ex responsible for the prank.

“If people want to be shallow and have a go at people’s looks and not understand the back story, that’s their problem,” she said.

“There are a lot of girls out there like me, who have had domestic violence so severely… they have to keep a smile on their face and keep going for their kids.

“If I had the money to get my teeth fixed, I would.”

Jessica added that beauty is old skin deep and that regardless of her appearance, her “brain works just as good” as other people’s.

Wilson Longhurst has since issued an on-air apology, admitting what he said about Jessica “wasn’t funny”.

He added: “It was quite frankly something that just slipped out, but it was a misogynistic comment and I’m sorry.

“I’m going to take a good, long hard look at myself once we get off air this morning because it just wasn’t good enough and I’m really disappointed in myself… and I know a lot of you aren’t happy with what I said.”

After an outpouring of support, Jessica decided to set up a Go Fund Me page to get her teeth fixed.

So far the mum has raised over $5,000 of her $25,000 target.

In the comments on the donation page, she thanked people for their generosity, writing: “I can not wait until these are all fixed, I’m so nervous, existed and surprised all in one. Thank you all so much for this help you’re all amazing.”